The Team

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With degrees in Neurobiology and Music (UCSD) and Cinema/TV (USC), David Sonnenschein applies his unique background to the area of sound design for film and video games. His book Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice, and Sound Effects in Cinema has been adopted by schools throughout the world, translated to Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean and will soon be in its second edition.  He is the recipient of the Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel, and lectures worldwide, both in person and online. Founder of and, Sonnenschein began his career making educational films for the University of California and has produced and directed six feature films. Trained as a classical musician, he has expanded into jazz and world music, and practices sound healing.  His most recent career move embraces interactive media as audio consultant on the EA game Mass Effect 3 and as developer of the music game app 3 Deaf Mice, bringing his music and sound design expertise to sonic treasure hunts, audio puzzles and creative digital sound processing.


Chanel Summers

Adjunct Professor, University of Southern California’s Interactive Media Division in the School of Cinematic Arts; game designer and producer at Mindscape, Velocity, Mattel Interactive and Microsoft, as their first Audio Technical Evangelist, launching technologies such as DirectMusic; designed and promoted audio capabilities of Xbox and the industry’s first support team for content creators.

Joe Wise

Director, Center for Effective Learning, New Roads School; coordinating research, training and development of educational resources funded by the National Science Foundation and NASA; developer of The Learning Tool software, effecting paradigm shifts in the way students, teachers and parents think about “learning”.

Christopher Harz

Marketing & Technology Development Executive, VirtualAgility, Inc.; specializing in communications and IT, New Internet (IPv6) applications, streaming video and mobile operations, 3D animation and virtual worlds, online training and collaborative learning, videogames and Serious Games (for education).

Andy Farnell

Author of Designing Sound, pioneer in the field of procedural audio, computer scientist, sound designer, visiting professor at several European Universities and consultant to game and audio technology companies.

Karen Collins

Author of Game Sound: An Introduction to the History, Theory, and Practice of Video Game Music and Sound Design and Playing with Sound: A Theory of Interacting with Sound and Music in Games, Chair of Interactive Audio at the Canadian Centre of Arts and Technology, University of Waterloo, and active participant in the gaming industry.

Frank Manis

Professor of Psychology at University of Southern California, focusing on the cognitive, psycholinguistic and neurobiological bases of reading in children and adults, dyslexia, learning disabilities, and development of literacy in a second language. Recent projects include an investigation of brain activity in dyslexic and non-dyslexic adults and experiments on the perception of noise in visual and auditory stimuli.

Lynn Crandall

Director of USC Institute of Genetic Medicine Art Gallery, linking science, arts, technology and community on local, national and global levels.

Aurelien Folie

Assistant Game Developer, BA (Hons) in Audio Engineering at SAE Institute, London and MSc in Sound Design, Edinburgh University.

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