You, the Player

Students and Educators

This game serves as an engaging introduction to Music Education, and empowers players to listen actively and communicate effectively in everyday life. It helps children master higher quality interaction in New Media, supports STEM subjects (physics, math, biology), and increases academic and mindfulness skills by making learning fun and engaging. The cautionary tale and humorous punning of the 3 Deaf Mice implicitly support hearing health.

Gamers and Music Lovers

You’ll experience sound in new ways on this vibrational journey with cool characters, story, goals, discovery, rewards, self-expression and community. This will be a fun and challenging exploration of your sonic world and a chance to communicate in unusual creative forms. It’s unique and mind-expanding!

Sound Designers, Musicians and Composers

This playful approach will provide an effective and engaging way to discover how sound and music works on many levels. People learn faster and better through interactive video games than through any linear media, so 3 Deaf Mice promises to expand the skill set and creative inspiration for students and pros.

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