The Game

Open your ears, open your mind.  

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Icon02sketch copy  OBJECTIVES

How can you listen in new ways to create and alter our perceived reality?

What fundamental laws of physics and human biology influence the experience of sound?

How can developing your listening abilities improve your communication and health?

What potent sonic building blocks can support your musical expression?

What makes sound and song so fun and empowering?

The 3 Deaf Mice bring fascinating powers to you with their ear-opening game.
They’ll help you transform the invisible world of sound into the visible.

Icon02sketch copy  GAME EXPERIENCE

After years of playing too much loud music, the talented 3 Deaf Mice turn to you for help in creating their next big song.  Delve into their world of immersive sonic experiences, where you’ll find cool tools for exploring the multi-dimensions of voice, sound and music.

While playing with these hilarious Mice, solving their audio treasure hunts and music puzzles, you discover that they were raised in science and psych labs, and mastered ear training, acoustics, material physics, mathematics of music theory, film sound design, mindful listening and storytelling.

As you become empowered with these new-found tools and abilities, you and the musical Mice piece together “Cheatin’ the Trap”, a high energy interactive song puzzle. Fun rewards are on the way, with more music, games, contests and community!

This really is a first-of-its-kind game, but everyone likes to have some references. So think Myst (puzzle solving) meets Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (detective treasure hunting) meets Bjork’s Biophilia (musical explorations). This version of 3 Deaf Mice will live in a fun, 2D graphics environment that will emphasize sound, drawing the player’s attention toward solving the audio challenges of the game.


What different types of listening do you experience?
Three distinct ways of perceiving and understanding your sonic world can be called Source, Shape and Meaning.  The 3 Deaf Mice each lend their specific skill-building and knowledge-growth to help you train and perfect these listening modes.

SOURCE – What is the source of the sound? How do you locate it?
This audio treasure hunt challenges and refines your abilities to find and identify sounds.

Mask series copy

SHAPE – How is the soundwave shaped?  What makes two sounds similar or different?
You’ll discover and learn to control and transform the physical sound qualities like pitch, timbre, attack and reverb.

pitch-timbre UI-800b2-big

MEANING – Why is the sound meaningful? What does a sound tell us about our world and how we should react?
As you find and create the right chunks of voice, sound and music, you’ll get to piece together a puzzle song and then make your own version by remixing all the elements.

Icon02sketch copy  GAME STRUCTURE

Game Diagram invert

Song Verses / Levels – There are 10 Verses to the song “Cheatin’ the Trap”, which tell the story of the mice from their days in wild fields and psych labs, into the urban landscape forming their band and finally hitting the big time in a concert stadium. Each game Level corresponds to one of the 10 Verses, taking the player into the Mice’s environment and sonic landscape.

Sound Masks / Core Sounds – In each Verse/Level, there are 5 sound “Masks” that the player needs to penetrate. With each Mask, the player must identify the correct sound Sources of the sonic landscape and the specific sound Shape (pitch, timbre, reverb, envelope, etc.). Once the first sound is correctly identified, it fades out, revealing the next underlying sound environment. The player once again identifies the sound Source and Shape, which fades out, and so on through all the sound Masks, until the 5th innermost Core Sound is revealed. Each Verse/Level will progressively increase in difficulty, so the player can learn how to identify the sound qualities more accurately.

Digital Sound Transformation / Phoneme Creation – Once each of the Core Sounds is discovered, they are ready for digital sound processing (DSP) which employs combos of clipping, looping, pitch shift, EQ, chorus and other DSP techniques. Each Core Sound is transformed into a Phoneme (a tiny chunk of the lyrics of “Cheatin’ the Trap”), while visually illustrating the transformation step-by-step to demonstrate how this happens. To activate each DSP transformation, the Player must first solve the Tidbit Quiz.

Tidbit Quiz – The 3 Deaf Mice challenge the player with quirky questions on the physics, history, biology or psychology of sound, leading toward fascinating discoveries with links to further investigation. Solving the Tidbit Quiz will earn the player a point, leading toward a point total and designation as band member Groupie, Gofer, Back-up, Rhythm, Lead or Star.  Dozens of super interesting Sound Tidbits for the game are already posted on the 3 Deaf Mice Facebook page.

Phoneme Puzzle / Tracks Unlock – Once the 10 Core Sounds have been transformed into their Phonemes, they can begin to be sequenced into the proper order to create a portion of the song lyrics. Each time two or more Phonemes are placed together correctly, they “light up”, activating one of 10 Tracks of the song (3 vocals, 3 instrumentals, 4 sound effects) and adding one more of the 10 Verses.

Full Song / Open Remix – After unlocking all the Tracks and Verses, the player can move all 100 of the individual sound components into any order and combination, creating their own song and lyrics remixes. A future version of the game will allow the player to upload their own Tracks and Verses to make an open source music game and song.

Icon02sketch copy  CONTESTS

3 Deaf Mice is more than a game — it’s a community experience.  When you score points in the game, you’ll be eligible to participate in contests that the community votes on as their favorites for creativity, technical rendition and most outrageously funny.  Prizes include participating in the development of new 3 Deaf Mice games and sponsored goodies.

Some of the contest areas include:

  • Music remix, make your own song version
  • Music Video of the song using graphic assets from the game
  • Drawings of the 3 Deaf Mice in thought-provoking or comedic poses
  • Sound Design creation to accompany the winning drawings

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