DS_Banner2   3 Deaf Mice:  A sound-music game

Intro to how we are combining sound, music, story and gameplay.

gotham gazette  Let the Sonnenschein in

Neuroscience, synesthesia, and the play between image and sound.

audiocookbook   3 DEAF MICE Sound and Story (Pt. 1)  (Pt. 2)

Characters, story, rewards and community.

prosoundeffects Interview David Sonnenschein (Pt. 1) (Pt. 2) (Pt. 3)

In depth discussion of the three listening modes:  source, shape and meaning.

reddit  Ask Me Anything with David Sonnenschein

And they did ask me anything ranging from Mass Effect 3, job tips, music improv, brainwave entrainment to space engine/warp drive sounds.

prosoundnews copy  Kickstarting A Sound Design Video Game

Intro of the game to the recording industry.

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