The Mice

The 3 Deaf Mice offer you gaming strategies with sonic Tidbits from their years of unique experience, along with their animal/musician inspirations:


Icon-ratatat03 copy  3DeafMice-Ratatat-evolution copy

Ratatat, the Punk albino drummer, is the speediest physics professor around, answering vibrational mysteries from the atom to the universe.


Icon-shred03 copy  3DeafMice-Shred-evolution copy

Shred, the Metal guitarist, takes you on a psychedelic acoustic journey of the brain and how it processes and converts noise into art.


Icon-woofer03 copy  3DeafMice-Woofer-evolution copy

Woofer, the Rasta bassist, expresses the spirit of musical invention, connecting with animal communication and the sonic story of humanity.


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