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Sound Design book cover sm33 Deaf Mice

Produced by David Sonnenschein, author “Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema”

—> Develop your listening skills, hearing health and mindfulness.

—> Discover acoustic sources, waveform shapes and musical meaning in the world of sounds.

—> Learn how music and song creation can be everyone’s game!

                             * * * * * *

“Learn to listen!  I can’t wait to play this!Karen Collins, author of “Game Sound” and “Playing with Sound”, Chair of Interactive Audio at University of Waterloo

“First to seamlessly combine gaming, community, pure entertainment and a powerful education tool.”  Neil Hillman, Sound Designer and PhD Researcher, “Emotion in Sound Design”, The University of York.

Very accessible and intuitive.Kelleigh Welch, Pro Sound News

“David Sonnenschein is unquestionably one of the best at devising fun ways to dive deep into sound design technique. I’m anxious to try 3 Deaf Mice myself!” — Randy Thom, Sound Designer, 2 Academy Awards, 14 nominations


The 3 Deaf Mice blasted their ears with too much loud music and now they need your help to create their next hit song. Join them on this sonic treasure hunt, solving audio brainteasers and mastering digital sound transformations. Uncover the vocal, instrumental and sound FX tracks and puzzle together their song “Cheatin’ the Trap”. Successful game play rewards you with the power of remixing the song, and leads toward community participation in contests, music videos and the opportunity to help develop the next 3 Deaf Mice music game.

The game audience includes students and professionals in the areas of music, audio engineering, film/game sound, education (STEM curriculum) and hearing health.

Developing for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and OUYA.

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